The powerful effects of energy, frequency and vibration.

Sound, music, art, dance, sacred geometry and nature.

Sacred circles and ceremonies.

Personal and spiritual growth.

Music as medicine for the soul.


Sound healing reduces pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

The voice is a sound healing tool used for self-healing.

If you have a voice, you can sing!

In the importance of community in the healing process.

In transformation through learning, giving and sharing.


All our guides, teachers, gurus and ancestors.

Nature and its healing power.

Modesty and simplicity as the highest form of elegance.

Some Practices to Maintain our Flow

We are a new concept in Lebanon. We love that we are a humble and homely community healing center where we enjoy sleeping in tents, open spaces and shared rooms and we help out around the center (bringing used dishes and plates back to the kitchen, etc).

We do not share any pictures, videos & personal experiences of others without their consent.

We are careful when carrying around musical instruments.

We return items back where they belong.

We ask before touching or playing the GONG and the TIBETAN BOWLS, they are extremely sensitive.

We remove our shoes before entering the healing room.

We only smoke outside of the center far away from people.

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