Singing Mantras Can Help Us Heal Anxiety: Here’s How

We all go through phases of anxiousness. Our minds can sometimes be clouded with worries and fears, and it can be hard to overcome them. That’s when singing mantras can be deeply healing for us.

Through becoming aware of the sensations in our body when we vocalise them, singing mantras helps us calm our busy minds, bringing us back into alignment with ourselves and the present moment. In this way singing mantras provides a beautiful opportunity to develop mindfulness and also strengthens our connection to ourselves and the world around us.

What is a Mantra?

A mantra is a sacred chant. It’s a word or phrase with spiritual power that’s spoken or sung repeatedly during meditation. Mantras come from an ancient tradition of uttering sacred words with a specific intention to help us shine a light on aspects of ourselves we wish to heal or to understand in a deeper way.

Repeating a mantra can help us build a connection to our higher nature as well as calm our minds. Through the practice of singing mantras we experience the unity of being, and life takes on a deeper meaning. It’s in this space of deeper connection that anxiety can be healed.

What Singing Mantras Does To Anxiety

Singing mantras when we meditate is a great way to focus the mind and connect to our body. It allows us to get in touch with the sensations we’re experiencing in the moment, including any anxiety we may feel.


By repeatedly singing mantras our mind lets go of any outside distraction and turns to the sensations it’s experiencing within. We automatically relax and surrender into the moment and our felt experience of it. The mantra consumes our focus; the act of singing deepens our breathing whilst concentrating on the meaning of the manta opens our hearts. As our mind concentrates of the felt experience of singing mantra, it leaves stress and anxiety behind.


When we sing mantras we heighten our body awareness and what we’re experiencing within it. Be it through the sounds we’re making or the way our mouth, tongue, and lips feel when singing, our focus turns inwards. Overtime, we feel a palpable connection to the emotions that the mantras bring us. And as we connect these feelings and experiences with the meaning of the mantra, we open a door to heal ourselves from within. This nurturing, loving process touches the part of us that feels anxious and aids in its healing.

Consistency is Key

As with any healing process, singing mantras to help heal anxiety takes time. It’s something that needs to be integrated into life and repeated. But when done over time, you’ll begin to experience profound changes. At first, they will come into your life as softly but after a period of time, you’ll see how you’re transformed through these gentle changes.

A mantra singing practice lovingly fuels a positive connection to yourself. It nurtures self-acceptance and helps you to press the pause button, stop and breathe when feelings of anxiety arise. Overtime, singing mantras develops mindfulness and nourishes your appreciation for who you are. A longer term mantra singing practice trains you to be with your experience in the moment instead of pushing it away.

Singing mantras helps to break down fears and limiting belief systems that hold us back and fuel our anxiety. We learn to love the gift of our own unique voice and the joy it brings to sing mantras with using it!

My Top 4 Tips for Singing Mantras

There are many ways one can sing mantras, but the following are the ones I’ve found best help me to focus on the mantra and enter into a pure state of bliss whilst singing. I recommend you take time with each of these tips, exploring your experience and how they make you feel when you sing.


As you sing, how do you feel the vibrations feel in your mouth as you articulate the mantra? Focus entirely on what happens in your mouth as you sing.


As you sing, how do you feel the vibrations moving through your body? Watch the feelings that singing the mantra illicit in you. Do you feel this more strongly in one place?


What does the mantra mean? And, as you think about this meaning, what experience or image or feeling does it create within you?


How does your voice sound when you sing? If you’re singing with others, how do their voices sound as they blend with yours?

Mantra singing is a beautiful gift we can give ourselves and the world. And you can enjoy this without any prior experience! So next time you hear that beautiful chant on Spotify, close your eyes, tune into your heart, and let your voice out.

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