All is made new. Reaching far back into human consciousness is a knowing of the importance of ceremonial circles to align with with the universal patterns of life.

Ceremony is used to create balance and instigate positive change.

Ceremonies remind us that we are connected with all of creation and not separate as our thinking mind perceives.

We can use ceremony to emerge new phenomena.

Essence of Ceremony

Ceremony is the intentional use of symbols by humans combined with action wherein the intangible becomes real. The symbol comes to life and movement is activated or acknowledged. Healing-rebalancing occurs in connection to the energetic forces of nature and spirit.

Photo above is of a contemporary medicine wheel–a modern day way of coming together in circle using ancient symbology of the four directions within the circle of life.

While appearing to be one-dimensional, a blessed ceremonial circle radiates energy above and below and out in rays. Dowsers have detected that ceremonial circles can create an underlying water dome actually attracting waters up to the site from below and raise the vibrational frequency of an area.

Ancient peoples knew the importance of well planned ways of keeping the balance of the sacred circle. Ceremony is an enactment of basic concepts and elements of a cosmology so that they can be understood by everybody. In this way, a community shares in a mystical experience of sacred knowledge.

Ceremonies also evoke energies to create change, to honor, acknowledge. In participating in ceremony you walk your prayers. Ceremonies are held at the major seasonal turning points such as solstices and equinoxes. Or at times of changing points in the life of an individual—birth, naming, renaming, puberty, marriage. They keep one attuned to the natural flow of life.

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